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Prevue Popup: Improving the Desktop Browsing Experience
Prevue Popup: Improving the Desktop Browsing Experience Article Featured Image

Please take this with a grain of salt and note that I’m not trying to reinvent anything here, nor am I saying that this is better than the alternatives which might already be available out there. I’m simply trying to solve my own need and maybe provide something useful to the FOSS community at the same time.

On iOS, there’s this feature which I think is called “link preview”, which is pretty self-explanatory, as it allows you to open a popup inside the current app to preview a link, by long pressing it.

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How To Programmatically Download VideoJS Files
How To Programmatically Download VideoJS Files Article Featured Image

Someone came up to me recently with the task of downloading a few video files hosted via OpenLoad. The files belonged to them, and OpenLoad has an API designed for this, but I didn’t find out about it until it was too late.

Nevertheless, the process of programmatically (headless) downloading files loaded with VideoJS, as is the case for OpenLoad, is pretty interesting, so I thought I should share my approach.

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How To Automatically Deploy Your PHP Apps
How To Automatically Deploy Your PHP Apps Article Featured Image

A typical developing environment includes versioning the application with Git, so how does one get the project into production without logging into the server every time to pull the new code, refresh the cache, compile the assets, and so on?! This seems like a bad idea to do every time you want to deploy something into production. In this article, we’re going to talk about a tool called PHP Deployer, which allows us to create a script that will do all that, and more, for us.

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Testing APIs with Postman
Testing APIs with Postman Article Featured Image

If you’ve ever worked on a real-world app or website before, you’ve probably had to use APIs. And if you did, you know how cumbersome testing them can be, because you have to set up your way for creating requests, manage tokens, and so on, before actually doing any of the real work. So you’re basically spending time building a shadow dev environment which you’ll throw away after you’re done testing anyway. What if you told you that there’s a better way? The Postman way. Continue reading…

How DevTools Became Indispensable in the Dev World
How DevTools Became Indispensable in the Dev World Article Featured Image

DevTools is the single best thing that the browsers have to offer to a web designer or developer. Whilst, at the same time, the biggest surprise as a browser feature. In other words, nobody saw it coming, but we all loved it when it arrived. Nowadays, if you refuse to use it, you’ll probably make your life harder. It’s both a very easy way to manipulate HTML and CSS, as well as an advanced tool for inspecting HTTP requests, certificates, debug JavaScript, and more. Continue reading…