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Testing APIs with Postman
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If you’ve ever worked on a real-world app or website before, you’ve probably had to use APIs. And if you did, you know how cumbersome testing them can be, because you have to set up your way for creating requests, manage tokens, and so on, before actually doing any of the real work. So you’re basically spending time building a shadow dev environment which you’ll throw away after you’re done testing anyway. What if you told you that there’s a better way? The Postman way. Continue reading…

Introduction to APIs and REST
Introduction to APIs and REST Article Featured Image

APIs allow us to leverage a 3rd party’s computing power and features, programmatically. In simple terms, we send some input data to a certain endpoint and receive a processed result back. An API can provide us with a variety of possibilities, from simple text processing to building out entire websites. This is the standard way of creating a communication channel between us and a 3rd party. In this article, we’re going to learn what an API is and how to use them.

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