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WordPress: How to Generate a Table of Contents for Posts
WordPress: How to Generate a Table of Contents for Posts Article Featured Image

You’ve probably noticed by now that the site’s theme includes a table of contents for each post. You might be wondering if I actually spend time creating that table of contents myself. Well, sorry to disappoint, but the answer is: No. It is in fact generated automatically based on the headings inside the article. I think it’s pretty slick, so I decided to share with you how it’s done.

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How to Use Git and GitHub
How to Use Git and GitHub Article Featured Image

Git is a version control system designed for tracking file changes. It was created for allowing multiple people to work on the same project in a non-linear fashion. However, nowadays it is used for much more than that. Some use it as a simple tool to keep their data intact and backed up. Some use it to deploy their projects from their local environments to production since it’s faster and overall more reliable than FTP. Others use it to distribute code through sites like GitHub, and so on.

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Regex: Everything You Need To Know
Regex: Everything You Need To Know Article Featured Image

Regex or Regexp, short for regular expressions, is a special string used to define search patterns, typically used on larger texts.

If you’re aware of wildcards, you can think of this as being a similar thing, but a lot more powerful. For example, with wildcards, you’d use *.log to match all the file names that end in the log extension.

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